folks I adore

There is no such thing as too much inspiration. Except for those times when you get all overwhelmed and end up throwing your hands up in the air and making popcorn for dinner (and pairing it with a lovely glass of wine.) Here are a few sites I love or adore or admire or a combination of all of the above.

People I adore

The Kitchn – warning… total time suck and may make you feel inferior about your kitchen.

Joy the Baker – From her site she seems a lovely and feisty woman, and definitely an inspiration.

Smitten Kitchen – A well-known classic, and another woman with a small kitchen. With very nice photogenic countertops.

Family Fresh Cooking – A great multi-talented woman up in the mountains of Colorado.

Michael Ruhlman – His book “Ratio” is basically one of my holy texts.

Alton Brown – In the beginning, his show “Good Eats” forever transformed how I viewed cooking.

Michael Pollan – Not a cook, but his writings have influenced how I view the food system in the United States.


People I adore who have kindly let me profile them in my blog

Many thanks to the folks who have let me do a post on them for my blog.

The Butcher and Larder

FEW Distillery

Katherine Anne Confections

Metropolitan Brewery

Half Acre Brewery

CH Distillery