lamb rite of spring

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One day it appeared. Spring. A warm breeze gently breathed through the windows, comfy tendrils of air wrapping themselves around bare arms. Carpets of green appearing where brown was two days earlier. Pollen flying willy nilly through the air, digging deep into the sinuses of many an allergy sufferer, causing a spike in the stock of facial tissue suppliers. So one fine day in the fresh light of spring, I decided it was time for lamb. Deciding to cook up a young, fresh animal may seem a macabre reaction, but there are some rituals of ancient times that require a lamb sacrifice. A sacrificial lamb, offered up so the seductively balmy breezes wafting through the window would be assured for a few months more. Granted, far from being a sacrificer, I was getting this from a small supplier, neatly ground and packaged, but surely that is a modern device for the old tradition of a sacrificial...

pork roast and polenta

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The pork roast swam in a rosemary laced brine, then slowly, ever so slowly roasted on a bed of carrots and onions until it quivered and fell apart. To cushion the blow, polenta was slowly coaxed into soft creamy swirl, with a hidden hit of a piquant gorgonzola mixed deep...