mayonnaise, a la julia

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Sultry yellow yolks are whisked into a sticky mass. A touch of sharp vinegar, a whisper of dry mustard, a small jig of salt join in, and then slowly, achingly slowly, drop by drop, warm summery sunflower oil is added, in a nonstop whirl of whisking that seems to slow down time in the small, quiet kitchen. The world comes down to just this, a slowly lightening sauce growing through the quiet “tsks” of whisk on bowl. Smoothly and silkily, the sauce comes together in lush thick whorls of delicately savory goodness. This is, of course, mayonnaise. No mere white gloop from a store-bought jar, true handmade mayonnaise is a completely otherworldly experience, a deceptively simple concoction that coyly reveals the wonders of a few prime ingredients and a sound whisking. You will want to eat it with a spoon. Mayonnaise, using the technique laid out by the master, Julia Child in...