lemony bitchet cookies

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I know, I know… “lemony bitchet cookies? What the heck do you mean?” Well, obviously there is some reference to the delightful children’s books by the fictional Lemony Snicket wherein an unfortunate batch of orphaned siblings battle and endless string of disappointments, but still I know you are thinking, “yes, yes, but isn’t that a rather lame name for a cookie? Isn’t that a little bit much of a stretch?” And I would agree. Except it was catchy sounding and more, shall we say, ‘family-friendly’ than the alternative title I gave them. Which was “When life gives you lemons… well fuck you” cookies. Uncensored. Because who are those three asterisks after the ‘f’ really going to fool? And why, you ask? Well therein lies the story. We all know the phrase “When life gives you lemons, make...

bork bork bork

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Some place wealth, power, and fast cars upon altars of worship, bowing to the cold and sleek shiny lines I imagine such things to have. Well, fast cars have those lines literally, so that didn’t take much imagination. I digress. I’m sure these things make some people swoon, but I’m fairly sure those people who swoon at this have hired other people to swoon for them in a very fashionable style while they sit back and sip impossibly expensive martinis, unable to smile due to their recent botox injection. Or is that too judgmental? Likely. I, too, have altars of worship, which I’m sure can be just as harshly judged. But ask yourself… who would harshly judge a Muppet? You heard me. A Muppet. A fuzzy denizen of crazy hope and imagination. And then you glance at the picture above and ask yourself… and what the hell does this have to do with food? Well give...