spiced apple chutney

By on Oct 19, 2010 in preserving | 0 comments

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Crisp white apples, bright white onions, fiery red Thai chiles, misguidingly muted beige ginger, deep amber turbinado sugar, darkly pungent apple cider vinegar, dusky allspice and clove, boiled together, filling the small apartment with the sharp bright scent of the vinegar, currents of sweet apple and sugar eddying around underneath.

In less than an hour, the chutney cooks down to a murky brown mass, flecked with bright red specks of pepper and dark studs of clove.  It is swiftly scooped into hot jars, boiled and sealed. It sits on a rack cooling, looking like a rough gemstone… somewhere in those muddy depths is a beautiful flavor waiting to come out, but for now it will remain encased in its glass, slowly mellowing…

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