Guys Book Club

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Last year I was approached by a very talented Chicago editor/producer/writer/what have you named George Zwierzynski of Purple Stuff Productions to work on his wildly successful “Guys Book Club” series. What ensued was a creation based on a certain ubiquitous social networking site with a few… embellishments. It turned out to be quite a work of puzzle pieces, and one hell of a lot of fun to work on.

I give you… Guys Book Club. Season 2.

(OK, this is just one small part of it. Watch all of it through the link above. You know you want to.)


children’s hospital

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I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Andy Schwarcz, founder of Ask Media, Inc., on the video played at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the brand spankin’ new Ann & Robert Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. So many sources of footage… and so many bubbles…

year of the rabbit

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Happy Year of the Rabbit, folks! I hold this especially fond in my heart, remembering that moment when I was a kid in my first Chinese restaurant, intently reading the placemat explaining the Chinese zodiac and realizing that I was the Year of the Rabbit. And my mother was the Year of the Rat. Imagine how delighted this made a ten-year old girl.

old school Disney

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I adore old school Disney. I will completely confess to it. The original days of it were brilliant, and think what you will of Walt Disney, I believe that he pushed his people to a lot of innovative and original thinking. A lot of the truly amazing stuff has not been seen by the usual public. This is a remix (OK, I’ll admit, I don’t like the modern twitchy editing and background music so much) of a bunch of footage that was created by Disney in 1955 for their “Man in the Moon” television program.

beautiful animation

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An absolutely gorgeous animation. Much as I am in the realm of digital animation, I often struggle against letting the program lead me rather than me leading the program. After all, a computer, After Effects, all that… is just a giant pencil. A giant, expensive pencil.