Well Hello

My name is Rachel, an artist with many an interest. My professional career started with my belief that animation is magic. Broken down into its base technical components, it is individual still frames whizzing by our eyes at 29.97 frames per second (or 24, or 60, or…). The only true motion is that which our brain tricks us into believing there is by interpolating the change from one still frame to the next. And in those frames, whole new worlds are created. How is that not magic?

And then came photography, the ability to capture and freeze a moment in time, finding magic in the reality of a single second, rather than drawing it out pixel by pixel, frame by frame, from deep inside my computer. But I love both worlds, I really do, and so I use them both, drawing inspiration from one to inform the other.

2D, 3D, 2.5D (yes, it exists, and I can explain how if you wish,) I have worked in all of these digital realms, and each has their own specific strength and advantage. It all depends on what you are trying to convey.

My work has been seen on Discovery, Nat Geo, the History Channel, DIY, Animal Planet, amongst other myriad local channels and of course, YouTube.

Of all the projects I have worked on, it is the ones pertaining to science that get me the most excited. Descending from two doctors who often wonder where this artist kid came from (it’s own little genetic puzzle), I grew up constantly fascinated by how things worked, long led by my mother’s answer to every ‘why’ question I had, which was simply “Well let’s do some research.”

I have had an ability to speak to both sides of the art and science equation, translating scientific concepts into visuals that are more digestible to the non-scientists among us, and now I am expanding my work into this arena, drawing on the long-standing tradition of artists working with scientists for the purposes of education, helping with visualization, and, frankly, getting information out there into our saturated media world to hopefully engage in some much needed debunking.

Drop a line! I would love to talk more about the possibilities out in front of us.