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By July 24, 2014inspiration

As someone who trained at an art school as an artist, yet works professionally in the entertainment industry, I ran across a quote today in a book in PDF form someone referred me to.


“Art and entertainment do different things.

Entertainment distracts our attention.

Art focuses it.”


And then it just keeps going. Listing one thing after another that applies to how I am, how I work, how I live, and it is, in the few short moments after reading it, already helping me slide headlong into a new mode of thinking about work. Or not working. Or keeping it all under control. There is much to think about here.


They have a goal to make 100,000 artists read this, and the PDF is a free download. I will very likely end up buying the paperback, mostly because I love the message and still love the tangible feel of a good book in my hand. So go head, download it.





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